Friday, June 28, 2013

Schedule Cards

I've made the schedule cards and they are up on TpT! There are two different files. The first file is just regular schedule cards that you could use at any school. The second file is a Catholic edition with additional cards for things like Religion, Mass, Rosary, etc. I used these at the end of the year last year and they were great. I just cut them out, mounted them on sentence strips and laminated them. There are also blank cards that you can laminate and write in activities with dry erase and use over and over again. I usually wrote in things like class pictures, assemblies, etc. I have one of those schedule pocket charts and they fit great in there. In the top two sections I put the day of the week and the date:
September  25, 2012
and then on with the schedule. I'm going to be making calendar pieces as a separate file but they would go really great with this set.

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