Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's done! My room is finally cleaned and I'm ready for summer. I wasn't the last teacher standing but it was close! I always start my summer with great plans to work on something school related at least a little each day. Of course, I'm always surprised when August rolls around and I haven't done nearly as much as I wanted to. I did spend what was left of this week just relaxing and it was great.

Next week I have mentor training for two days. My mom is coming to watch the kids--they don't know yet and they'll be thrilled!

I was able to get my fist few products up on TPT. My freebie is a 120 chart. I noticed as we switched to Common Core this year that all my math supplies came with 100 charts. I was also surprised to see that when we started on numbers from 100-120 lots of my kiddos were stuck! They could count it out loud but much of the time would write 99...100...1001...1002! I had a great morning work paper from Made in 1st Grade (I think it was in their March Madness Morning Work) that had them write the numbers from 1-120. We did it often! In the end they got it. Yea! Anyway, I decided that for next year we would forgo the 100 charts and start the year with 120 charts. Hopefully seeing the numbers around the room and on their math folders will make the process much easier next year.

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