Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend has been a whirlwind! We were fortunate enough to be able to visit family for the holidays and had a fantastic time. My son surprised us all by deciding to run in a 5k the day after Thanksgiving! He had done it once before but had trained for a long time before trying it. This time he just decided to do it the morning of the race! We are all so proud of him...he did a fantastic job!

I had every intention to do a little Black Friday shopping but it never happened. I promised the kids that we would all watch the Punkin' Chunkin' special on the Science Channel. We went to the actual Punkin' Chunkin' a few weeks before and there was a possibility that we could be on TV. Little did I know that the special was 2 hours long! I did get to see a split second of my kids as they panned the audience! We'll have to watch it again with the pause button ready! Anyway, by the time the special was over, I was done for the shopping for me! I'll have to make up for it on Cyber Monday! (I can shop and watch TV at the same time!)

Speaking of Cyber Monday, TpT is having their big Cyber Monday sale! Everything is discounted site wide. All of the items in my store are 28% off! If you have been using the focus walls or the morning work and don't yet have all of them, now is the time to buy! The sale is actually from Dec 2-3 so you have a little time to shop. I know my wish list is growing!

If you haven't been lately, there are a couple of new things in my store. I finally finished December Morning Work...about time! The Catholic version has pages for each week in Advent.

There's also a great Christmas Cookies real/nonsense word activity:

I love doing these activities with my kids. They really help with students who need practice with decoding. It's amazing how much more quickly they can decode from the beginning of the activity to the end! 

So, be sure to stop by and check it all out! 

Happy Shopping!!!