Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zebra Curtains!

Well not much of a post but I did get into my room for about an hour today and I got a little (very little) work done. I was at Walmart and I found these fantastic Zebra Curtains!! Perfect for my jungle room and less than $5.00 each! I took them in today with curtain rods intending to hang them. I opened the curtain rods and they attached with HUGE screws! I'll admit that push pin things pretty freely to my walls but this was a bit much even for me! I was about to give up when inspiration hit! 3M Command tape! I LOVE Command hooks and I always have tons of the adhesive left over so I used that on the back of the curtain rod mount and voila! the curtains are up!

I'm short one curtain rod so it's back to Walmart tomorrow but I love the way the curtains look. For now, though, it's time to get ready for tomorrow--work week! My days of staying up until 2am are sadly over...for now!

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