Thursday, August 8, 2013

Final Fling!

Our final summer fling was a trip to Baltimore. I grew up around DC and spent summers at camp around the Chesapeake so Inner Harbor was always a favorite spot for us. My kids, however, are native North Carolinians so they hadn't been. We will definitely have to go back in the near future. There was just way too much to do for one day--but we did as much as we could!

I've always loved the Inner Harbor boat tour but we were too late for that so we did the next best thing. Water Taxi!

We taxied our way to the National Aquarium. I had to pick myself off of the floor when I saw the admission but in the end it was definitely worth it. The aquarium spirals up through the building and then down the middle. It's hard to explain but it was fascinating.

Next stop: Science Museum! Normally we wouldn't have splurged for this but we have a membership at a planetarium at home and we were able to use it to get into the science museum for free! There was a neat exhibit on Newton and everything was very hands on--my favorite kind of museum!

Our final stop was Ripley's Mirror Maze. It was amazing! Probably the most fun we had all day. We laughed and laughed and laughed! I tried to take pictures in there but it really didn't work!

It was a jam packed day but we had a blast! We'll definitely be back soon!

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